PSA-Style eLearning

PSA-style eLearning. Are you ready?

The Public Service Announcement (PSA) dates back to just before World War II.   Just like typical microlearning, PSAs are short in nature, designed to change behavior and usually are tied to a broader awareness campaign.

The one element that really sets PSAs apart from traditional microlearning is the entertainment component. “Edutainment” is a frequently used term to describe this approach.

LMS Courses has undertaken a major project to unveil a new microlearning series called PSA-Style eLearning. Produced in our very own production studio, this groundbreaking approach to eLearning will revolutionize the learning model.

Highlights include:

  • Professionally-produced videos
  • Short: 2-5 minutes in length, sometimes less
  • High entertainment value
  • Smartphone friendly
  • New videos added every month!

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