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New and engaging eLearning content is difficult to find. Plain and simple. The big players in the eLearning industry are infamous for building a library of courses and then letting them wither on the vine. Consequently, companies are forced to deliver employee training that is dated, boring and even incompatible with emerging software technology standards. At the same time, small content development houses have been continuously producing fresh, high-quality training content. Yet they have struggled to reach the proper distribution channels due to a lack of sales and marketing expertise.

Enter LMS Courses. LMS Courses represents a small but growing alliance of talented training content producers which has one ultimate goal – to make amazing eLearning available to everyone! But LMS Courses does more than just give the little guy a voice. We’re not just a middle man. We’re experts in the learning process ourselves. From instructional design to content creation, we help independent subject matter experts (SMEs) turn ideas into training approaches that maximize both subject matter comprehension and retention. Have content you’d like to turn into blue-chip level online training? Not only can we make this happen, we can help you make a little money too by plugging your content into our powerful sales and marketing engine. But first and foremost, we ARE a content house–producing our own original content every month.

Our name is simple yet says it all. Have an LMS? We have the courses you need. Don’t have an LMS? Well, we can make that work too. Our culture is a little revolutionary and our dreams are big. We believe in underdogs, having fun and trying out the untested. At the center of everything we do are people and each one is unique. But we all share an unparalleled commitment to learning. Call us crazy for taking on the juggernauts with our handcrafted approach. We firmly believe in what we do and the results are already evident. People like things that are new. They love a little variety. And most harbor a little soft spot for eccentricity. But when the dust settles on eLearning, content is still king.

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